Following Up With Pending Patients Is Difficult

…But With Startaloo, It Doesn’t Have To Be!


Improper Follow Up


Monthly Missed Revenue

It’s estimated that 90% of orthodontic practices are not properly following-up with pending patients. In other words, potential patients are leaving the consultation room and then the opportunity to convert them to a “start” is missed forever. They disappear, and you lose $10,000, $25,000, or perhaps upwards of $50,000 per month in missed revenue. You’re busy. Your TCs are busy. And so follow-up gets put on the back burner. Maximize patient starts by leveraging the best follow-up practices with our “done-for-you” service!

Stop pending patients from going to the competition or disappearing forever.

How Does Startaloo Solve This Problem?

Startaloo’s team of doctors and TCs are experts in the Pending Patient Process.
They’ll do all the follow-up work on behalf of your practice while keeping your TC in the loop so patients never know the difference.

  1. Use Startaloo and present your high-quality presentation to patients
  2. Your TC makes pertinent notes for pending patients in the Startaloo Patient Hub
  3. Your TC can be involved as much or as little as they want in the pending patient process as your team is fully informed each step of the way via communication tools and recordings through the Startaloo Patient Hub
  • Relax knowing your Startaloo Virtual TC Assistant gets to work using the best pending patient practices to convert your pending patient to a “start”
  • We keep it personal from the start – through our friendly virtual assistants, to high tech communication tools, your patients will never know we aren’t physically in your practice
  • Essentially, you’re giving your TC the assistant they’ve always needed to succeed. More patients will say yes to treatment, which means more revenue for your practice

We Are Not Robots!

More patients. . . this is the driving force behind Startaloo. It’s an innovative platform that brings innovative technology and impeccable service together. At its core, Startaloo is an innovative presentation system that connects powerful technology tools with a service team passionate for closing more cases for your office. Meet the dedicated team of orthodontists and treatment coordinators that help practices get more patients to start treatment.

Anthony V. Bonavoglia, DDS, MS


In 2007, Dr. Bonavoglia built his orthodontic practice focusing on the highest level of customer service. He was voted an up and coming entrepreneur in Hudson Valley, NY. Dr. Bonavoglia recognized that a thriving practice cannot survive on its reputation alone, and saw the need for a better presentation system and tools that would allow orthodontists to take actionable insights and improve their patient follow-up process. Inspired by the latest communication technology and driven to help orthodontists everywhere to succeed. . .  Startaloo was born.

Fun fact: Dr. Bonavoglia was a Guinness Book of World Records Holder for the “World’s Largest Oral Hygiene Lesson.”

Kristen Chanowsky

TC Virtual Assistant Supervisor

With nearly 10 years of experience in the orthodontic industry, primarily as a treatment coordinator, Kristen specializes in helping patients move forward with treatment. She’s cooked up the perfect recipe for getting more patients to say, “yes” to treatment; anticipating patient needs, providing excellent customer service, and deploying a thorough follow-up process. With Kristen at the helm of our Startaloo TC Virtual Assistant service, you can count on friendly and reliable human interactions with all of your patients.

Fun fact: Watch out, Kristen loves the chase of converting non-starts.

Brooke Coleman

Director of Sales

Brooke began her career in the dental industry in 2006 as a Certified Dental Assistant. She then promoted her way to Treatment Coordinator, Front Office Manager then Practice Administrator. Brooke’s creative mindset and innate ability to deliver, has proven to be extremely beneficial in building long-lasting relationships. She believes the foundation of all relationships are built on trust and respect. Brooke is now bringing her intense passion, entertaining customer service skills and her knowledge in dentistry to rock Startaloo, spread the cheer and ensure your office has a maximally profitable year.

Fun fact: Brooke often records herself singing to reassure herself that nothing has changed and that she still should never sing around others.

But We Did Create Some Awesome Software

Startaloo is a powerful presentation tool & data engine that was carefully designed by Treatment Coordinators and Orthodontists. By using our proprietary presentation platform to streamline your presentation workflow your TC performance will improve and your orthodontic practice will increase profitability. Add in our Virtual Assistant service and your practice can’t lose!

 What Our Clients Think About Us

Working with the Startaloo Program has been a great experience! I had just recently started TCing at my office when we implemented Startaloo. It was a smooth transition and easy to learn. Setting up a new patient, adding a presentation (estimate) and using the dashboard (daily tasks and messages ) are easy to use and make my daily activities simpler then before having Startaloo. The support at Startaloo are always available to happy to help when I have questions. Thank you everyone at Startaloo!

Brenda - Rochester, NYTreatment Coordinator

Startaloo… what is it you ask! An exciting program that allows you to present payment options to your patients for Orthodontic treatment. I have been presenting this new visual payment option format to my patients with 100% of them leaving the office with full knowledge of what their financial responsibility will be. The pictures featured accommodate each offices individual choice of brackets and appliance types. The program is very user friendly and allows you to easily make changes to suit the agreement between the patient and the office. I also find it as a helpful reminder of patients who have yet to sign a contract. I also recommend you using Startaloo for your financial contracts.

April - Bay City, MITreatment Coordinator

I have happily spent over 13 years as an orthodontic assistant. When offered the position of Treatment Coordinator, I was excited but it was also incredibly intimidating. Startlaoo has made the transition into Treatment Coordinator easy. It takes all of the guess work out of the process and helps me give a professional presentation for every patient. Now, I really enjoy my new position as a TC and I’m so happy to have Startaloo as a resource!”

Missy – New York, NYTreatment Coordinator

I love Startaloo but I probably should…since I created it! Implementing Startaloo has streamlined the presentation process for my TCs; not only saving them time but giving our practice the tools to be more competitive. I love knowing that my TCs are getting our complex presentation rules 100% correct every time. Startaloo’s automation helps to free up time for my TCs to make deeper connections with patients which of course results in a boost in starts. My hope is that everyone who uses Startaloo will see an increase in productivity and reduction of stress in their practices and lives.

Dr. B – Wappingers Falls, NYOrthodontist

Put an end to bad follow-up habits with Startaloo

We make pending patient follow-up easy, peasy. Never miss a follow-up again! Let us show you how.