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How Conditional Marketing Maximizes ROI

As part of the previous Startaloo Success Bootcamp series, we featured Keaton Walker of Orthopatients.com. Keaton showed us how Orthodontic practices can qualify their patients through this effective marketing technique. Watch the video and see how you can apply “Conditional Marketing” to your practice.  

How to Use Insurance Data to Market Your Practice

Startaloo recently hosted the Startaloo Success Bootcamp, a series of webinars aimed to help practices reopen from the shutdown stronger than before. During the series, Dr. B of Startaloo, along with other industry experts provided Orthodontists with actionable advice for a speedy recovery. In this webinar, Dr. B spoke about how Orthodontists can use insurance […]

The Big Picture: Why Keeping Track of Non-Starts Can Make Your Practice More Profitable

Just like a movie with varying angles and detailed close-ups, every aspect of your business has different camera shots. Usually, Orthodontists are “zoomed in,” focusing only on the very small details of their business.  But it’s equally important to zoom out and capture the often overlooked bigger picture. For instance, practices typically zoom in and […]

A Case Study on How We Increased Phase II Conversion Rates by 16.3%

A 3-step plan to boosting Phase II Patient Conversion Rates By Anthony Bonavoglia, DDS, MS (Orthodontist and Founder of Startaloo – the pending patient solution) Did you know the national average of patient true conversion rates who have completed Phase I treatment, and are presented with Phase II treatment is approximately 50%? Yikes. That’s 15-20% […]

Best Practices for Following Up with Pending Ortho Patients

In an ideal world, patients will start the same day they are presented treatment. But the reality is that most patients need some time to consider their options. According data collected by Startaloo, approximately 29% of patients across all practices will have a same-day-start. But what about the remaining 70% of patients? Investing in orthodontic […]