Keep Winning – Use Startaloo

Startaloo is a powerful presentation tool and data engine
made exclusively for orthodontic practices to improve TC performance and increase practice profitability.

How Startaloo Works

Powerful Presentations

Start by using our proprietary presentation platform, that was carefully designed by Treatment Coordinators and Orthodontists, to streamline your presentation workflow while capturing important data your practice will need for analysis.

Actionable Insights

While practices are enjoying improved TC productivity with our powerful presentation features, Startaloo is hard at work organizing data to provide practices with actionable insight.

Data Consulting

Knowing where your strengths and weaknesses are, Startaloo's team of TCs, Client Reps and Data Consultants are here to help you turn your data into improved conversion rates, accelerated productivity and increased marketing efficiency.

  What Our Clients Think About Us

Working with the Startaloo Program has been a great experience! I had just recently started TCing at my office when we implemented Startaloo. It was a smooth transition and easy to learn. Setting up a new patient, adding a presentation (estimate) and using the dashboard (daily tasks and messages ) are easy to use and make my daily activities simpler then before having Startaloo. The support team at Startaloo is always available and happy to help when I have questions. Thank you everyone at Startaloo!

Brenda - Rochester, NYTreatment Coordinator

Startaloo’¦what is it, you ask? An exciting program that allows you to present payment options to your patients for orthodontic treatment. I have been presenting this new visual payment option format to my patients with 100% of them leaving the office with full knowledge of what their financial responsibility will be. The pictures featured accommodate each offices' individual choice of brackets and appliance types. The program is very user friendly and allows you to easily make changes to suit the agreement between the patient and the office. I also find it as a helpful reminder of patients who have yet to sign a contract. I highly recommend using Startaloo for your presentations and contracts!

April - Bay City, MITreatment Coordinator

I have happily spent over 13 years as an orthodontic assistant. When offered the position of Treatment Coordinator, I was excited but it was also incredibly intimidating. Startlaoo has made the transition into Treatment Coordinator easy. It takes all of the guess work out of the process and helps me give a professional presentation for every patient. Now, I really enjoy my new position as a TC and I'm so happy to have Startaloo as a resource!’

Treatment Coordinator

First, it has changed the way we present starting with the quality of the presentation. Then having the ability to work with the patient families on the downpayment and monthly payments in an interactive way that they can adjust from home if needed to see what works best for them. The presentations look professional, clean, and break out the costs of each part of the treatment….I.E. Bracket Type, Expander or Bite Plate, Type of retainers with pictures of each.

Second, the follow up with pendings is amazing as this happens automatically with reminders to accomplish the tasks for each pending a patient who hasn’t committed to treatment. We have set up 4 contact methods with the interval as to when we need to accomplish this. This comes up every day for the TC to complete these tasks on a dashboard. No more losing track or forgetting to do something.

Third, and a little deeper in the program there are very useful analytics that keep track of conversions between treatment coordinators and different types of systems/appliances you use. The demographic data, allows us to focus more attention in the areas where we get better conversion rates, etc. The data is very comprehensive and there are so many more useful reports that are used to make better decisions.

Finally, the support from Kristen is so good too. There is a learning curve but she very patiently trains the team how to navigate it and it becomes easy to use within a few weeks.

Dr. ComellaOrthodontist