Big Organizations Hire Data Analysts,
And Now Orthodontists Can Too

With Startaloo you’ll have everything you need to turn data into actionable insights that accelerate growth and profitability.

Real-Time Reporting

Our on the fly, real-time reporting is designed to provide practices with high level insights geared towards improving practice performance and growing the bottom line.

StartAlytics Data Engine

Startaloo’s StartAlytics Data Engine allows practices to take a deep dive into their data, garnering unsurpassed insights that will transform their operations from good to great.

Data Services

Looking for more… You can tap into our network of data analysts to do the deep dive for you and provide your practice with action items for improvements.

Turn Data Into Action

Improve Marketing

A Practice wants to ramp up their clear aligner treatments and uses StartAlyticsTM to ensure maximum ROI on their digital, direct mail and billboard marketing campaign.

  • Research

    Use our dashboard to target areas where you sell the most clear aligners.

  • Demographics

    Use StartAlyticsTM to determine the best clients to target for clear aligners.

  • Tracking

    Use a custom tag to automatically track each referral source.

  • ROI

    Monitor the results of each marketing campaign to maximize your ROI.

Using the StartAlyticsTM dashboard, a practice discovered that their conversion rate for braces presented to females ages 18 to 30 is much lower than their practice average. Here’s what they should do:


    Use data to coach TCs on which procedures convert with each patient type.


    Present treatments that convert better with each patient group and your practice wins.


    Automate follow-up protocols so the right patients get the right message every time.

Identify Opportunity

Reduce Lag Time

Most practices judge TC performance on a hunch. With StartalyticsTM, TC performance isn’t a guessing game. Leverage our data to reduce the time from consult to contract with each TC and their patients.

  • Identify

    Use StartAlyticsTM to determine which procedures turn into quick starts.

  • Incentivize

    Create treatment discounts for same day starts to encourage a “yes” while patients are in the chair.

  • Measure

    Use StartAltyicsTM to measure conversion rates and ROI of ‘œsame day start’ discounts. Worth it or just unnecessary loss of income?

  • Optimize

    Keep your schedule full by starting the right procedure at the right time.

A practice is implementing a new Class II correction appliance and uses StartAlyticsTM to discover that the conversion rate on the new appliance is lower than other appliances.


    Spot which treatments your team needs a bit more training on.


    Pictures, videos and links add more info about the appliance so your presentations pop.


    Quickly determine if the new appliance is worth keeping or find another tool!

More Conversions

See How Powerful Data and Actionable Insights Grow Your Practice

  What Our Clients Think About Us

Working with the Startaloo Program has been a great experience! I had just recently started TCing at my office when we implemented Startaloo. It was a smooth transition and easy to learn. Setting up a new patient, adding a presentation (estimate) and using the dashboard (daily tasks and messages ) are easy to use and make my daily activities simpler then before having Startaloo. The support team at Startaloo is always available and happy to help when I have questions. Thank you everyone at Startaloo!

Brenda - Rochester, NYTreatment Coordinator

Startaloo’¦what is it, you ask? An exciting program that allows you to present payment options to your patients for orthodontic treatment. I have been presenting this new visual payment option format to my patients with 100% of them leaving the office with full knowledge of what their financial responsibility will be. The pictures featured accommodate each offices' individual choice of brackets and appliance types. The program is very user friendly and allows you to easily make changes to suit the agreement between the patient and the office. I also find it as a helpful reminder of patients who have yet to sign a contract. I highly recommend using Startaloo for your presentations and contracts!

April - Bay City, MITreatment Coordinator

I have happily spent over 13 years as an orthodontic assistant. When offered the position of Treatment Coordinator, I was excited but it was also incredibly intimidating. Startlaoo has made the transition into Treatment Coordinator easy. It takes all of the guess work out of the process and helps me give a professional presentation for every patient. Now, I really enjoy my new position as a TC and I'm so happy to have Startaloo as a resource!’

Treatment Coordinator

I love Startaloo but I probably should’¦since I created it! Implementing Startaloo has streamlined the presentation process for my TCs; not only saving them time but giving our practice the tools to be more competitive. I love knowing that my TCs are getting our complex presentation rules 100% correct every time. Startaloo's automation helps to free up time for my TCs to make deeper connections with patients which of course results in a boost in starts. My hope is that everyone who uses Startaloo will see an increase in productivity and reduction of stress in their practices and lives.